Joys of Pet Ownership in JCF Housements

Joys of Pet Ownership in JCF Housements

A home without a pooch is a quiet place—no claw-over-hard-wood enthusiasm as the door unlocks, no tongue-to-face welcome home. Sure, some people prefer a life without a dog, but for many others it’s almost impossible to imagine.

For those who enjoy the companionship of man’s oldest and best of friends, it isn’t always easy to fit the dog you want inside the space you have.

In cramped apartments, a poorly-placed pooch can prove a tripping hazard in the night. And then, there’s the multi-story, concrete-and-steel walk down to the street several times daily for the bathroom run.

The sun-washed, hot asphalt parking lot and grassless sidewalks of larger apartment complexes can burn pup’s feet and limit or make inconvenient any outdoor hopes for human-companion exercise. Then, there’s the dreaded conversation: the “Is it cruel to have a dog this size in a place this small?” deliberations. Those hurt most of all.

With JCF Housements, you can skip these cruel calculations and heartless hardships altogether.  In a JCF Housement, you can enjoy all dog ownership has to offer, especially:



Starting inside your JCF Housement, you’ll find plenty of canine conveniences, the most immediate of which is simply—space.

Available in 700 to 1,300 sq. ft., you’ll have room enough in your Housement to accommodate any pup from the—shall we say?—diminutive Bichon Frise to the stately behemoth Great Dane.

From short-hair to long-hair, cleaning up after you breed of choice is easier than ever with standard vinyl plank flooring. Though the pup might fear the vacuum, you won’t have to.  Cleaning up all that hair all takes a moment in your JCF Housement.

Single-story, spacious Housements won’t have you scaling a mountain for your pup inside or out. Perfect for elderly dogs—our aging, faithful friends—one story means easy in, easy out, easy living all around.



Unlike the overgrown outdoor spaces offered by most apartment complexes—if at all—each JCF Housement comes with an ample yard for playing, peeing, or just being. If yours is a “porch pooch” that enjoys lounging and watching from a shaded perch, you’ll be glad for your Housements porch or patio—the perfect place to idle the afternoon away.

Two doors lead out—as opposed to the apartment’s one—so no matter where you are in your Housement when the need strikes your dog, you can be outside and back in in a flash.

With a spigot for hose hook-up in each unit, you won’t have to yield your own shower for the mud-loving mutt! They can get as filthy as they want without fear!



JCF Housements aren’t just great homes for both pet and pet mom/dad.  They’re communities built with a community care.

With walking trails throughout the gated neighborhood, you can trail-run together, train for marathons together, keep active together, or just take an evening stroll side-by-side without worrying about your safety or your pets.

Once the old pal gets tired, you can make the best of the clubhouse and fitness center or neighborhood pool to keep as fit and fresh as ever—ready to take that next joint run or walk with your best friend.


All Around

1, 2, 3, a whole pack—whatever your dog’s delight and however many you call family, you’ll all be happier, healthier, and have more room in a JCF Housement.

Renting with Rex in mind has never been easier or more satisfying. Contact us here for more information!

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