4 Reasons to Rent – Houses Without the Hassle in Huntsville

4 Reasons to Rent – Houses Without the Hassle in Huntsville

Renting vs. Buying—the age-old dilemma of life’s larger investments. Whether it’s an automobile, boat, flat-screen TV, or even your home—the decision to rent or buy can be deeply personal and hinge on your unique circumstances.

From A to Z, you can find just about anything for rent these days through apps, subscription services, or automated kiosks on city streets. Bike-shares, short-term apartment rentals, drive shares, even pet rentals—it’s easier than ever in the modern market to rent what you need.

But renting isn’t just a modern trend or short-term stop-gap. For many, it’s the more intelligent and forward-thinking decision—especially when it comes to a home.

JCF Housements are engineered to maximize comfort and minimize headaches. With everything you’d expect from a cozy home but without the painstaking upkeep or hard-scramble mortgage, a JCF Housement splits the difference between the ease of renting and the joys of ownership.

Owning more home than you need isn’t just a bad feeling, it’s bad strategy too. Aside from the extra costs associated with cooling, heating, repairing, and upkeeping all that unused space, empty rooms quickly turn to storage rooms and too easily permit clutter.

If Necessity is the uncle of simplicity, then simplicity is the first-cousin of peace-of-mind.

Modern-construction, Housements come with 1 or 2 bedrooms and range in size from 700 to 1300 sq. ft. With a JCF Housement, young couples and empty-nesters get the outdoor space they want, the indoor space they need, and liberation from waste, clutter, and larger-than-necessary utility bills.

Cramped apartment complexes come with dozens of gripes. Parking, outdoor space, utility space, even ease of entry and exit—whatever the inconvenience, several-story apartment buildings are tough to enjoy.

JCF Housements are single story and ground-level. Each comes with its own driveway and even has an outdoor spigot hook-up so you can hose down your truck or give the car a wash.

Each home has a substantial yard for pets and grilling and a lovely porch/patio for outdoor seating. Rather than jamming two narrow chairs onto a concrete 2nd-story patio with a parking lot view, JCF Housements offer genuine outdoor spaces for you and your family to thoroughly enjoy.

Unlike older homes or more-affordable apartments, JCF Housements sit behind lock-and-key in a lush, gated community.

Walking trails crisscross the estate for safe exercise while a clubhouse and fitness center provide spaces for socializing, learning, and celebrating. With a JCF Housement, you can look forward to sunning and splashing at the nearby neighborhood pool—the perfect place for summertime birthdays or lizard-style lounging.

Kids, seniors, active adults—JCF Housement communities go the extra mile to make sure you and your family are comfortable and safe. No more stratospheric home-owner association dues and emergency neighborhood funding meetings with JCF Housements. You won’t have to worry about your community.

JCF Housements are as exquisitely curated inside as the community is outside. Unlike decade-old apartments or cheap homes with years of ware, antiquated fixtures, and clumsy layouts, JCF Housements spare no detail.

Deep, gorgeously appointed kitchen cabinets offer cavernous storage space above white-tile backsplashes, granite countertops, and state-of-the-art appliances. Rich, vinyl plank flooring extends throughout for a bright, easily-cleaned space.

In a JCF Housement, you’re never far away from what you need. Filling your modern, polished refrigerator is easy with local retailers and grocers nearby.

Renting Vs. Buying
Empty-nesters, starter families, young professionals, aspiring world travelers—whatever your status, JCF Housements allow you the freedoms and luxury of homeownership without the headaches and inconveniences.

Why live in a cramped 4th-story apartment with limited parking or a needy, expensive old home with a steep mortgage when you could have the best of both worlds with a JCF Housement?

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