Holiday Habitats – Decorating a Cozy Home

Holiday Habitats – Decorating a Cozy Home

It’s a box you only open twice each year—once to take out the decorations and once more to put them up. Despite the storage, those hibernating holiday accessories come with great anticipation and represent a seasonal ritual marking a time of fellowship and thanks.

Like any canvas, your home has its limits. Finding room for all that garland, those candles, the family heirlooms, nutcrackers, scented pinecones, and cinnamon brooms can put your ergonomic instincts to the test. But, living in an efficient space doesn’t necessarily mean skimping on cheer. Whether you’re in a one or two bedroom JCF Housement, there’s always room for more merrymaking! In JCF’s gated Housement communities, residents have room to spread their seasonal wings and share the holidays with the whole neighborhood.

So, when decorating your cozy home, consider:

Making the best of existing spaces

Short of erecting new surfaces or removing old ones, consider using the spaces you already have. Whether it’s a stool by the door, a living-room coffee table, or the classic kitchen table, there’s plenty of existing room for your most prized centerpieces.

Clearing away the already present, perennial décor and replacing it with seasonal touches rejuvenates the home and offers a much-needed chance to clear away clutter. No surface is off limits. A certain level of creativity with existing spaces is required to make the most of your holiday habitat.

Bookshelves, desks, window sills, TV stands—if you’ve got just one more piece to put out and can’t find a spot, chances are you aren’t looking hard enough. Don’t forget bathroom counters, bedroom dressers, and dryer spots along the counters in the kitchen.

It’s also worth remembering that festive wreathes can go on both sides of any door.

String lights: the perfect holiday hack

They’re affordable, they’re versatile, they’re impossible to miss—string lights can do it all and do it just about anywhere. With a box of thumbtacks and a dozen-yards of string lights, you’ll be living in winter wonderland no matter the size of your space (or its location in the Deep South!).

Slung over a window or tacked over a door, draped from a mirror frame, or woven through a floral arrangement, string lights are synonymous with the holiday season and instantly improve your chances for cheer.

As brilliant inside the home as out, string lights (and lots of them) reenergize old spaces with new feeling, one that’s specific to the time of year and the reason for the season.

Small touches for big impact

Grand statements might elicit an ooh or an ahh, but it’s the smaller touches that really tie the home together. A ribbon here or a dainty mistletoe there can make all the difference in a smaller space.

Think a touch of garland from the fan’s pull-chain or an imaginatively placed ornament from cabinet or door knobs. Put those tiny decorative touches to work wherever you can, and watch the festive quotient of your space tick up!

Scented candles complete any scene by matching an aroma to the aesthetic and all while taking up the least space!

JCF Housements—your ideal holiday habitat

Unlike overpriced 4th story apartments with dated fixtures and even older appliances, JCF Housements offer state-of-the-art single-story living spaces between 700 and 1300 sq-ft.

Walking trails throughout the gated community take you past the neighborhood clubhouse and fitness center, while sidewalks allow you and your holiday guests a much-needed opportunity to enjoy the crisp winter air and admire all the holiday decorations.

Complete with spacious lawns, ample driveways, and every modern amenity you could hope for, JCF Housements represent the best aspects of renting without any of the usual headaches.

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