Out with the Old – 5 Ways to be Happier and Healthier in your JCF Housement

Out with the Old – 5 Ways to be Happier and Healthier in your JCF Housement

After the ball’s dropped and all the champagne’s gone, we’re left with the best gift of all—another year. 2019 can be the year we stop putting off some of those annoying tasks we’ve left for “tomorrow” for too many “yesterdays” now.

Where we are can so easily affect how we are. And starting by decluttering, reorganizing, or simply maximizing your living space can clear the head and spirit as much as the closet.

But where to start? Well, when it comes to efficient space, JCF Housements suggest beginning with:



A strange thing happens to humans as we age—no matter where we go, we’re followed by a river of things (ranging from significant to pragmatic to obvious garbage).

2019 can be the year you put your foot down. No one likes a bloated junk drawer that snags every time they try to open it.

As you consider your various old keys, ancient receipts, twisted paperclips, and gunky batteries, ask yourself, “Does having this make me happy? Will I feel its absence in my life?” And, bit by bit, you’ll wriggle out from under that mountain of stuff.


Organize your Closets

You likely begin your day at your closet door, choosing your outfit or searching for that perfect tie for the mid-afternoon meeting. Making your mornings easier by organizing the tangle of sleeves, scarves, belts, and old shirts can make getting going all that much easier.

Consider stacking plastic bins for smaller items, and don’t be afraid to donate the blouse you wore for two weeks about a year-and-a-half ago. There’s no shame in admitting you can’t wear certain items anymore, and there’s someone out there who could use them a lot more than you.

Do the same with old footwear, too. Shoes are awkward to store, bulky to stack, and—if we’re honest with ourselves—we don’t really wear them all.


Plant a Garden

Moving outside now, tending to your greenspaces both complements and lifts your achievements inside the home.

Even if you’ve never grown a thing in your life, JCF Housements offer ample yards for the novice and professional alike.

Consider starting with potted plants before moving to in-ground varieties. Flowering perennials are a good place to begin since they’re often hardy, low-maintenance, and beautiful. If you’ve got a black thumb, never fear! Succulents are like plants with training wheels and are usually cheap, readily available, and a breeze to care for.

Sun, soil, serenity—inch by inch you’re introducing balance into your new year.


Wash Your Car More

A dirty, pollen-covered car can be a depressing sight. And while not all apartment complexes or dated bungalows come with outdoor hoses, JCF Housements pride themselves on practicality.

In your Housement driveway, cleaning your car is as easy as turning a valve. In a pair of sandals and that old T-shirt you couldn’t bear to part with, you’ll be slathering and shining in style.  Cleaning your car yourself saves you money, gets you out of your seat, and gives you a feeling of accomplishment when Monday morning comes back around.


Get Moving—Even Just a Little More

Exercise doesn’t happen at the loud, expensive gym alone. You can exercise anywhere, anytime.

JCF Housement communities offer walking trails, sidewalks, fitness centers, and clubhouses all for the exclusive use of residents. If you’re not keen on the expensive, intimidating weight-room down the street, or if you’re just looking to get back into the swing of things, in JCF Housement Communities, you can get back on the path to healthy living by just stepping beyond your front door.


Out with the Old, In with JCF Housements

Rental living without the headaches, JCF Housements offer all the benefits of neighborhood without the 4-story walk-ups or cramped apartment spaces. For a happy, healthier you in 2019, consider where you are and how it makes you feel to live there.

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