Valentine’s Day Value – 3 Ideas for a Romantic Evening at Home

Valentine’s Day Value – 3 Ideas for a Romantic Evening at Home

Some groan about it, some forget it entirely, and some simply can’t wait for it.

Valentine’s Day is, perhaps, the most contentious holiday. It’s been dismissed as a corporate stunt, a money-pit, and an unnecessary occasion for romance when you’ve been romantic enough all year long, thank-you-very-much.

Love it or hate it, dread it or anticipate it, it’s coming, and you’ll need a good plan—especially if you’re on a budget. And really, when you think about it, setting aside one day to be extra appreciative of your partner (no matter how you choose to do it) isn’t so terrible a thing.

But that still leaves you with a bit of a conundrum—how can you create an amorous atmosphere without spending too much? With JCF Housements, turning the thrifty into the thrilling is easy.

So, when it comes to the three elements of a romantic evening at home, you’ll need to consider:


The Meal

The connection between food and love is as old as our species. Sharing a meal can foster fellowship, appreciation, and even romance.

Far from the $300 steak and wine dinner, there are cheaper options available. And, if you’re not the cook in the relationship, now’s your chance to step up and deliver a surprise.

Literally millions of recipes are available online ranging from simple to professionally complex.  Depending on your level of skill in the kitchen, you can find just about anything to match your culinary ability. And, if you’re looking to take it out of the kitchen, you can fire up the grill outside at your JCF Housement for a succulent steak dinner that’s sure to heat things up.

If you’re a genuine novice at the stove-top nods, then a deliverable meal-kit might be the way to go. Meal-kits include everything you’ll need along with detailed instructions that even the clumsiest of cooks can understand. You can even get your partner involved and make the meal together. Cooperation while trying something new is a surefire way to make the evening special.

At worst, you can simply order takeout from your partner’s favorite place.


The Entertainment

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating you and your partner as a couple. What you do together says everything about how you are together.

If you could, you’d be at an opera, catching a play, seeing a movie, or attending a concert. But short of shelling out several hundred dollars for those activities, you can watch the same things from home.

Plenty of streaming services offer operas, plays, concerts, and, of course, movies for your couch-side consideration. Taking a break from what you’d normally watch opens up opportunities for discussion and helps make the evening one to remember. You can even dress up as though you were in the audience yourself!

If you’re looking for something more active, clearing space in the living room and putting on some music can turn your sitting-space into a dance floor. Alternatively, if your partner’s the creative type, consider making something together.

Painting watercolor portraits, decorating coffee mugs, or making your own Valentine’s Day cards to swap—affordable options abound for the maker in your life.

If all else fails, consider playing something together—a boardgame, card game, video game.  Make sure to put a romantic twist on it for more festive fun.


The Mood

Getting the obvious out of the way first: candles. Candles can’t fail. This is also an excellent opportunity to repurpose your Christmas string lights. A careful application of twinkling lights inside the home (or even across the dinner table) can add a special dimension to your atmosphere.

Consider having your meal beneath the stars. In your JCF Housement with its spacious yard, moving a small table outside is all too easy. And when it comes to music, creating a customized playlist with your partner’s favorite hits can’t miss.

If you managed to be frugal with both the meal and the entertainment, consider splurging on a truly unique dessert. Valentine’s Day is about indulging in your love for your partner, and nothing says “indulgent” quite like that truly special sweet you both love and crave all year long.


JCF Housements are for Lovers

Sharing a space together is an act of love. In your JCF Housement, you’ll find all the benefits of renting without the headaches. A romantic night in is easy in your JCF Housement, no matter how you choose to spend it.

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