Bright is Right – Better Living Through Natural Light

Bright is Right – Better Living Through Natural Light

Sunlight takes roughly 8 minutes to cross the 93-million miles separating the Earth and the sun. That’s quite a trip for all that life-giving light. But depending on where you live, you might not be equipped to make the most of its healthy, mood-and-money-boosting benefits.

When it comes to ample natural light, not all domiciles are created equally. Large apartment complexes maximize profit-per-square-foot by cramming units together. And what few windows you have might face the shaded tree-line or open onto yet another wall.

JCF Living Housements offer 3 full walls of natural light exposure. And since each Housement has its own lot with its own surrounding yard, that precious sunshine meets little resistance on its way into your home.

But what can increased natural light and additional windows do for us in the home really?  Well, for starters it can:

Lower Utility Costs

Light is energy and energy is heat. If you’re tired of paying the bill to keep out the chill in wintertime, more sunlight through more windows means less expense.

While in the hotter months, extra windows can allow for extra breeze meaning you’ve got extra money in your wallet no matter the season.

Improve Focus

If you work from home, create at home, or simply enjoy being more alert and able, multiple studies have linked access to natural light and improved focus, diligence, and productivity in humans.

Additional studies suggest that working in ample sunlight can also improve memory, reduce stress, limit eye-strain, and help you keep up the pace on your chosen task.

So whatever you do at home, you can do it better with extra sunlight in a JCF Living Housement.

Keep You Healthy

If you’re prone to seasonal affective disorder in the gloomier months, you’ll need that extra sunlight to help produce the neurotransmitter serotonin—a crucial chemical in the human body responsible for feelings of well-being and a regulated mood.

In addition to encouraging serotonin production in the human body, sunlight is a natural source of vitamins. Vitamin D allows the body to absorb calcium and sustain or promote bone growth.  Especially in children, but also in adults, access to vitamin D is necessary for bone and teeth health.

A deficiency of vitamin D can lead to bone and back pain, muscle pain, decreased mood, and general fatigue—a list of symptoms easily avoided by merely having a window with the curtains opened!

Improve Your Quality of Life

Aside from the multiple medical benefits of increased sunlight, its moon-boosting potential knows few limits.

Humans are as much a product of the sun as any tree, plant, or forest-dwelling squirrel. Access to sunlight affects how we think, operate, and even sleep. Electric light, the back-lit screens of smart-devices or computers, and especially fluorescent lighting (as can be found in so many offices and retail establishments) can throttle our restfulness, make us feel anxious, or otherwise disrupt our natural cycles.

More light means you can be more you, and with 3-walls of windows and a clean line-of-sight toward the sun, life in a JCF Living Housement offers benefits that can’t easily be measured.

Let the Sunshine in with Virtuoso Living Housements

All the convenience of renting without the usual hassles, JCF Living Housements are a step above. As much light inside as out, you can grill on your porch, play in your yard, wash your car in your driveway, or even walk to the community fitness center by any one of its residential trails.

In a Housement community, everything is just a little brighter and better. For information about calling one of our sunlit Housements home, click here.

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