Big Clean, Efficient Space – Refreshing your Virtuoso Living Housement

Big Clean, Efficient Space – Refreshing your Virtuoso Living Housement

As Springtime breathes life into the world outside our windows, it’s up to us to do the same for the spaces behind the window’s panes.

Spring cleaning is a seasonal invitation to rejuvenate a home after the longer winter, a yearly ritual promoting happiness, health, and neatness. But in smaller spaces, finding square-feet for storage or even choosing the ideal cleaning product can become its own chore. And if you rush your spring-cleaning regimen without planning first, you run a risk of becoming overwhelmed by the ratio of stuff to space.

Virtuoso Living Housements occupy a category between full-sized homes and cramped walk-up apartments. Efficiency is king in our housement communities which offer rental living and neighborhood amenities without all the usual headaches.

Our dedication to maximizing comfort, space, accessibility, and activity gives you an edge in the spring-cleaning game. So where to start? What to do? Well, you might consider:

Storage, Storage, Storage

In efficient spaces, clutter is enemy #1. And while common wisdom holds that you should purchase efficient furniture to match your efficient space (ottomans with built-in compartments or fixtures with multi-use drawers), upgrading your space to maximize storage isn’t necessarily all about getting new furniture throughout.

Don’t be afraid to go a little dorm room with your hidden clutter. Plastic drawers and storage bins can be had in all shapes and sizes and at a price to match any budget. You’ll be surprised how much space you can free-up with a $15 three-drawer storage tower. A small investment like this can yield impressive dividends all year long.

Choose Your Chemicals Carefully

Efficient space means shared space, which means cleaning in cozy corners impact the whole house. While it may be easy to grab the first all-purpose cleaner you see, some products use obnoxious artificial aromas to mask their chemical smells. Dogs and cats are especially sensitive to loud-smelling cleaning products as you may be yourself.

While organic cleaners get a bad rap in both cleaning potency and price, they’re far less acrid and harmful than their lab-grown counterparts. Consider also replacing unnecessary sprays with cleaning erasers or other contact cleaners to avoid the chemical mist in your efficient space.

Dust – The Unending Struggle

Dust, pet dander, pollen, and dead leaves—spring cleaning can sometimes feel like excavating your home from an avalanche of allergens. If you’re sensitive to airborne particulates, you know that avoiding that gray or yellow film on your outdoor or indoor spaces is a year-round struggle.

Taking steps throughout the year to combat build-up is key. Air filters in a large shared space, ceiling fans, or standing fans can help circulate air and keep dust from settling too rapidly.  Investing in a good brush for those fans is a smart move as well, and more than a few wipes will banish that dust rather than just swiping it off a surface and into the air. If dust, pet dander, and pollen hold a special place in your sinuses, diligence before, throughout, and after spring is the only way to go.

New Season, New Habits

Spring cleaning isn’t just about a space; it’s about the people who live in it too. Getting and staying active promotes wellness of nearly every kind. In Virtuoso Living Housement communities, your fitness center’s only a walk away and flanked by trails, bicycle paths, and of course your own lawn and driveway.

In a Virtuoso Living Housement, unlike a cramped walk-up apartment, you’ve got ground-level access to wash your car, fire up the grill, or simply sit in the spring sun for a while. A clean spirit to match your clean and efficient space is the greatest tip one can take to heart this time of year.

No Headaches

If you appreciate efficient spaces and efficient living, JCF Living Housements offer the best of both worlds. In your Housement community, spring cleaning is just one more opportunity to take your wellness and your quality of life into your own hands.

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