5 Must See Restaurants in The Village of Providence- Huntsville

5 Must See Restaurants in The Village of Providence- Huntsville

Located just a couple blocks from Virtuoso Living, The Village of Providence is a must see for residents! While most locals are probably very familiar with this charming district, the variety of restaurants can make for a tough decision regarding where to eat. Here’s an insider’s guide on the top 5 restaurants to eat at when visiting The Providence in Huntsville.


  1. Edgar’s Bakery– Whether you’re looking for a quaint place that offers traditional breakfast and lunch items or you’re looking for a quick bakery dessert to cure your sweet tooth, look no further than Edgar’s.


  1. Grille 29– If you’re looking for the perfect spot to celebrate an anniversary or maybe just an excuse to get dressed up, Grille 29 offers a fine dining experience suitable for you! Their menu offers an array of hand-cut steaks and seafood dishes guaranteed to leave you satisfied!


  1. Charrito’s Mexican Grill- Talk about a Taco Tuesday mood! Whether you’re looking for a classic margarita after work or just craving some savory queso, Charrito’s is the place for you! Their menu offers traditional Mexican plates, but also offers an unforgettable taste.


  1. The Brick House Sports Cafe– Game days just got better with this sports bar around the corner! Whether your team just dominated the field or had a double digit loss, there’s no losing with their food! Their staple items of wings, beer battered pickles, and burgers will make for a memorable game, regardless of the outcome.


  1. Pinot’s Palette– While most wouldn’t describe Pinot’s as a restaurant, there’s no way this option could be left out from the list. What better excuse to enjoy a classy charcuterie board and wine, than with the complexity of trying to paint a canvas while drinking with friends. Pinot’s offers a variety of options when it comes to choosing your painting and wine.


Now you have it! This sums up the top spots to visit in The Village of Providence. If you’re new to the area, and realize you now need to find a convenient place to live close to this charming district, check out our luxury housements at virtuosoliving.com.


By Mary Earls

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