JCF Residences Announces Launch of its New Name, JCF Living

JCF Residences Announces Launch of its New Name, JCF Living

March 3, 2020|

SPRING HILL, TN.- JCF Residences announces today the launch of its new name, JCF Living. This rebranding represents the changing of its entire brand identity. JCF has decided to revise its name, logo, and domain name in an effort to better reflect JCF’s overall mission.

“We came into our first development wanting to create a rental experience that hadn’t yet existed. The feedback from our residents and the demand for more developments has far surpassed what I could have imagined. We absolutely are changing the rental industry and the way these residents live. It’s an obvious choice to change our brand to a name that accurately defines what we do,” CEO, John Fitzmaurice states.

JCF first obtained their patent for “Housements” with their first two developments in Huntsville, Ala., and has recently acquired land in Lebanon, TN. With the announcement of their new hire for a Land Acquisition Director, JCF will continue to purchase land across Southeastern U.S.

As part of their new identity, each development will provide more than just a place to live. Their rebranding embodies a lifestyle change for their tenants.

“We’ve created a game-changing product, and we recognize the impact we’ve already made on Huntsville. If we are going to make a long-term impact on the rental industry as a whole, we need to keep moving forward. This is just the beginning for us.”

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