Top Tips and Tricks for Spring Cleaning

Top Tips and Tricks for Spring Cleaning

Spring is officially on its way! While most get excited for the fresh scent of Spring flowers blooming outside, it’s also an exciting time to freshen up your interiors. Spring cleaning might seem intimidating without the proper agenda, but with a simple plan, it can be easily accomplished. Here’s a list of the top tips and tricks to organizing your Housement:

*The Kitchen*

Toss out the old and expired. – Keep in mind that your food is actually decaying while it’s in the refrigerator. It’s important to make sure that you are throwing out any food that could potentially cause bacteria if sitting too long.

Tubberware and storage is your friend. – Not only will organizing your fridge make it easier to find food, but it also helps food last longer when you sort them by category.

Even garbage needs to be cleaned. -Ever notice a funky smell in your kitchen when you turn on your garbage disposal? Turns out, even your garbage disposal needs a good cleaning every once in a while. A great product to use when trying to remove an odor in the garbage disposal is Plink. These are disposable balls that actually deodorize your sink.

Label my Housement as clean. -While it’s important to have the proper storage in your fridge, it’s arguable that it’s just as important to label your storage. Labels make it easier to grab ingredients on the go and put away food faster.

*The Bathroom*

I don’t want to grow mold together. -While this might not be the most exciting topic on the list, this step is important for overall health. It’s important to remove mold from your bathroom when spotted, so it doesn’t produce toxic air.

Seasons change, and so can your shower curtain. -This step is as simple as it sounds. By changing out your shower curtain, you’re not only changing the look of your bathroom. It also helps to remove mold build up in the shower.

Again, Containers and storage are your friend. -Because, you can never have enough countertop space! We all know, there’s times when getting ready can seem stressful. The best way to help your time management when getting ready is organize your products. You can organize anything from makeup brushes in a drawer to cleaning supplies under the sink.

*The Living Room*

I’m not a fan of dust, and neither is your fan! -If you think about it, when you turn on your fan, it’s simply stirring around whatever is in the air. Fans are easily a forgettable place to remove dust, but it’s an important place to ensure fresh air.

Don’t be a couch potato. -For some blankets and cushions, the process simply requires placing them in the washer/dryer. Be sure to read the labels for your cushions and blankets, because some might require a steam cleaner.

*The Bedroom/Closet*

Don’t try to cover this up. -Arguably, sheets and bedding should be cleaned more often than once in the spring. However, this is something that definitely can’t be forgotten on the list!

Out with the old, and in with the new. -This can actually turn into a more exciting chore on the list. Who doesn’t love finding new clothes? Sometimes getting rid of clothing, actually helps you find old clothing that you forgot you had. Plus, there’s a sense of joy that comes with being able to give to others.

Let’s hang out. -This is pretty straightforward. Matching hangers help your closet look more organized, even if it’s not that organized.

*The Overall Housement*

You’re pretty neat. -This may be the last step on the list, but it’s certainly not least! I would argue that this is the most important step! Getting a storage unit is a core necessity to living an organized life. Using a storage unit is one of the best ways to get rid of all of your clutter, and ensure an easier way to find stuff around the house. Some ideas for a storage unit might include: holiday decor, seasonal clothing, documents, and furniture that no longer fits in your home. The good news for Virtuoso tenants is that Virtuoso provides on-site storage. Virtuoso offers a variety of storage units with affordable rates. Talk to our leasing staff today, to find out about which sizing would best fit your needs.

To rehash, let’s make this fun. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be as boring as it seems. Why not, put some music on and get excited for the smell of fresh scents in the air! If you’re new to this blog and you don’t have a place that you care to clean, we can help you out. Visit our main page to find out more about our luxury rentals!

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