5 Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

5 Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

While social distancing might not seem ideal during Spring, there are some positives to being able to stay inside and focus on yourself. Why not have fun decorating your Housement during this time? Some decorations even have their own health benefits. For instance, plants not only bring a pop of color to your home, but they provide numerous health benefits! Here are 5 health benefits of indoor plants:

Plants enhance your mental health.- That’s right! Studies show that interaction with plants can actually reduce psychological stress. When people interact with plants and nature, they are generally happier and more optimistic.

Plants boost your immune system.- While taking a daily vitamin is vital to one’s overall health, so is having a plant. Plants actually help scrub the air of toxins, and improve our overall well-being. I’ll take a daily dose of that cute plant, I’ve been eyeing at the store!

Plants help sharpen your focus.- Having trouble focusing while working at home? Research shows that just the mere presence of a plant can help you maintain attention. While most spend hours a day in front of a screen, adjusting your environment to things of nature actually helps you direct your focus.

Plants improve indoor air quality.- Have you ever sat inside for too long and started to feel tired or dizzy? This is because of poor air quality. Turns out, you just needed a cute a plant in your home! Plants help clean the air through photosynthesis, and increase the amount of oxygen in indoor spaces.

Plants enable creativity.- According to a study conducted by Texas A&M, plants can actually boost creativity by 15% in the workplace. Sounds like the perfect way to get our creative juices flowing!

There you have it! Here’s the excuse you’ve been hoping for. There’s no need to feel guilty purchasing that cute plant for your Housement! If you’re new to the area, looking for a place you can decorate with cute plants, look no further than our community!

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