Industry Updates

JCF Living is Nearing Completion of Huntsville Development

Back in October 2020, JCF Living announced the development of various updates to Virtuoso Living, a unique rental community that opts for “housements” over the traditional, and often crowded, apartment style units.  To continue reading, visit this link.

JCF Living is excited to announce the construction of two upscale communities in Panama City Beach, FL

PANAMA CITY BEACH Fla. (WMBB) — More rental options are on the way to Panama City Beach.  Tennessee development company “JCF Living”Is about to build two new upscale rental communities.    To continue reading, visit this link.

JCF Living is excited to announce the construction of its 219 unit community in Lebanon, TN

A future Lebanon neighborhood planned for 219 rental homes are billed as a cross between apartment units and single-family houses. To continue reading, visit this link.

JCF Residences Announced the Opening of New Corporate Office in Spring Hill, TN

August 11, 2021  JCF announced the opening of its new corporate office in Spring Hill, TN. This space represents an acceleration of growth within JCF as a whole, and gives JCF team members an atmosphere that enhances productivity, collaboration, and creativity.  Since JCF anticipates rapid…

JCF Living Recognized Among 200 Revolutionary Housing Companies

John Burns Real Estate Consulting released rankings for the top 200 companies that are revolutionizing housing. We are pleased to be recognized among these companies.  To continue reading, visit this link.

JCF’s Virtuoso Living to Build Three-Story Clubhouse

A west Huntsville development is stepping up its game in the housing industry. JCF Living, developers of Virtuoso Living, will build a three-story clubhouse – the first of its kind in the Southeast. This state of the art building will be in addition to its…

JCF Residences Announces Launch of its New Name, JCF Living

March 3, 2020| SPRING HILL, TN.- JCF Residences announces today the launch of its new name, JCF Living. This rebranding represents the changing of its entire brand identity. JCF has decided to revise its name, logo, and domain name in an effort to better reflect…

JCF Residences Announces New Hire for Director of Marketing

January 23, 2020 | HUNTSVILLE, Ala.- JCF Residences announces today the new hire for Director of Marketing, to oversee all branding and communication strategies.  New hire, Mary Earls, will manage all social media accounts, editorial content, and a marketing budget for their digital campaigns. She…

CoStar – Tennessee Developer Secures Loan to Fast Track Rentals in Huntsville, Alabama

OCTOBER 10, 2019 | CARA SMITH-TENTA JCF Residences, a Tennessee-based residential developer, refinanced a construction loan to free up funds for its accelerated construction plans throughout the southeastern United States. To continue reading, visit this link.