John Fitzmaurice

In 1993, John Fitzmaurice created JCF Estate. JCF Real Estate began as a full-service real estate company as a managing agent for property owners.  The range of services provided by JCF Real Estate included property management, leasing, investment sales, and consulting. The owners of these properties included nationwide financial institutions such as; Household International, John Alden Life Insurance, Bank of America, BMO Harris Financial, Citibank, and many other small, midsize, and large Chicago-area banks. In addition, JCF Real Estate also represented various limited partnerships and other ownership entities.  Property types managed included multi-family, office, industrial, and limited service hotels. The staff of JCF Real Estate included property managers, leasing agents, property accountants, administrative staff, maintenance staff, and others.

Beginning in the 1990s and up until 2018, John Fitzmaurice was a leading receiver in the greater Chicagoland area representing various court jurisdictions, in a wide range of properties including residential, multi-family, office properties, retail properties, industrial properties, and limited service hotels. Such work was completed throughout the greater Chicagoland area as well as southern Wisconsin, northern Indiana, and southern Michigan.

Beginning in the year 2000, John Fitzmaurice assembled Limited Liability Companies for purposes of purchasing commercial real estate properties. Ownership activities included Office, Retail, and Multi-Family Properties.  Throughout the ownership cycles, the properties were successfully managed, leased, refinanced, developed, and eventually sold.

In 2014, John Fitzmaurice discovered the concept of developing multi-family properties in a unique design.  Soon after, JCF Living was born. At the inception, JCF Living’s genesis included developing a unique design that has since procured US Patent rights. The concept included scaling these communities throughout the southeast because of the job growth as well as favorable weather which would benefit the property’s principal feature of exterior green space.  Therefore, a property was purchased in a small town in Indiana. This town was chosen because of its isolation to the Chicago metro area. This community served as a hidden laboratory as to how to effectively and efficiently develop this concept. These units include 49 different alterations to the floorplans throughout the development process. Near the community’s completion, we felt confident enough to roll out the concept in the southeast.

In 2018, JCF Real Estate was effectively closed and relocated its new corporate headquarters, JCF Living, to Nashville, Tennessee.

Richard Jones

Richard is a partner with John Fitzmaurice in JCF Living.  On a day-to-day basis, Richard focuses on the financial architecture for the JCF rollout and works with John on overall strategy and implementation.  Richard serves as Chief Investment Officer of Irby Investments LLC, a single-family office located in Nashville, Tennessee.  He oversees all investments of the family office including real estate, private equity, and various direct investments.  Previously, he was a Managing Director at IPX, an intellectual property advisory and analytics firm monetizing over $400 million of intellectual property.  Prior to that, Richard arranged the financing for and served on the buyout team of one of the first all-debt backed public-to-private transactions in the UK (Jones Stroud Holdings plc, later CMT).  He was founder and CEO of Medicor, a medical device firm that introduced breakthrough devices and sensors used in minimally-invasive surgery, and ultimately sold it to a strategic buyer.  Richard’s career began at IBM.

Richard serves, and has served, on the boards of several private companies and non-profits.  He earned an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management and graduated with a BA from Olivet Nazarene University.

Brian Coil - Project Manager

Brian is a productive, highly organized and balanced individual with over 20 years of experience in the construction and development industry.  Project types he has dealt with include multi-family apartments, both market rate and government assisted, mixed-use developments and single-family home renovations in the Southeast. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, received from Bradley University, and a general contractors license for the State of Alabama.  Holding previous GC licenses for the State Georgia and Louisiana, Brian’s market experience includes Atlanta, New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Tallahassee, Florida locations. Professional experience includes construction and development project manager for several multi-family companies which includes construction project manager for Wood Partners, pre-construction director for Southern Land Company and senior estimator for Ambling Construction Company. His experience which applies directly to JCF Living includes being a development project manager with IDP Housing, a small multi-family developer located in South Georgia.  This position, similar to responsibilities at JCF Living, helped him to gain strength with overseeing and monitoring new developments by coordinating project business plans, budgets, financial pro formas, requests for proposals and bid evaluations.  With heading up the construction department at JCF Living, he will be working closely with joint venture partners, project executives and consultant teams to give the company the ability to fulfill financial project expectations and establish JCF Living as a market leader.

Michael Poppell- Land Acquisition Director

Michael is the Director of Land Acquisition for JCF Living. He has experience with multi-family valuation of conventional and affordable properties. Additionally, he has lending and underwriting experience in LIHTC financed multi-family housing, with particular expertise in preconstruction equity and debt financing of LIHTC multi-family housing. Michael Poppell was an associate at the Haynes Appraisal Group, LLC from 2004 to 2010. His experience includes the valuation of commercial properties, including office buildings; retail properties; industrial properties, multi-family properties; and vacant land. Eminent domain valuation experience is in various retail properties, restaurants, office buildings, office/warehouse business parks, mobile home parks, large agricultural and residential tracts, mixed use developments, vacant land, and multi-family properties.

Poppell’s current responsibilities include sourcing, vetting, and purchasing properties throughout Huntsville and surrounding areas of Nashville. Michael will work closely to purchase suitable properties for JCF living and negotiate contracts, as JCF plans to expand across Southeastern U.S.

DeWayne Blackwell- Chief Operating Officer of Factory

Dewayne is a hardworking, driven, and charismatic individual with 41 years of experience within assembly production. He started on the assembly line as an electrician for Champion in 1981, and quickly advanced to production manager. Following his role at Champion, he worked as a Corporate Production Manager for Liberty Homes, overseeing 8 different plants. It was this role at Liberty Homes, and his previous position at Clayton Homes, that provided the necessary preparation for this current role at JCF. His role as the Director of Manufacturing at Clayton Homes included the supervision of 40 factories. It was this role that challenged his mindset, and propelled him to a company that was more cutting-edge.

His current role at JCF includes complete management of the entire factory from engineering, purchasing, the administration of Housements, the delivery of Housements from the factory to the field, managing the subsequent workflow, generating a master production schedule, supervising the production team, enforcing quality standards, and continuing to edit the production process as necessary.

Why JCF? – “John and the team really embrace the passion I have to be different and try different things. They want to move the modular production process forward, instead of doing the same thing as other modular production companies. I think, in the future, a lot of people will see what we are doing and say that makes sense. We’re pushing the envelope.”